What type of genre do you like?

If you like gaming then you probably know what type of games you like. There is a wide choice of genres when it comes to the gaming world, and although some people say they do not like playing games on a console, there is often something for everyone.

If you like games that challenge your mind a bit then opt for a puzzle or strategy games. Puzzle games may be more simple in their design but can often be short games that can be played whilst waiting for an appointment or when you have a spare 5 mins. Strategy games may be long and may mean you have to get more involved in a storyline within a game. Sometimes these games can be point and click where you have to walk around picking up items and talking to people to move on to the next phase. Often you need to combined items together to make a tool or object you need to progress. These games are good for people who are looking to play a game over a longer period and who like to think of ways in which they can achieve the end goal.