The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Plus Console

Fans of the Speccy who love handhelds will be excited to hear about the Sinclair Spectrum Vega+ Console campaign that is being run on Indegogo. The idea is to bring back the loved games of the Speccy on a handheld device through crowdfunding.

The good news is that the target has been met and the consoles are in the demand stage and can be ordered on the indegogo site via InDemand platform. But only the black versions are available and they are limited, so expect them to be snapped up soon.

It’s the only hand-held LCD games console with 1,000 licensed games inside, and it has sufficient memory inside to enable layers to access the vast library of 14,000 Speccy games online; the games can be downloaded for free. The console also has the capability to connect to a T.V via a cable.

You have to give a £100 contribution to buy the console, but if you love Speccy and want something totally amazing, that has only been made with a limited number of quantities then it’s well worth the investment; it’s your chance to own a piece of history, and be part of history in the making.