Resident Evil 2 Digitally Remastered

REvil 2 is being digitally remastered and there should be a teaser released for the game in January 2017, so we should get yo know more about what’s in-store for us REvil gamer’s.

For now it’s hard to know what to expect, they have not really released much yet, other than a few choice images that show a better level of detail from the digitally remastered graphical elements of the game to come.

Most of us gamer’s got excited about the idea of a similar spin to the REvil 1 game with the crimson head zombies being included in the REvil 2 remake (and perhaps some even more sinister versions of the creatures we have come to love and hate; worse than the crimsons maybe), though we can’t say for sure if they will do that or not? So just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope they see sense.

Let’s hope it’s not just digitally remastered and nothing else changed, as that would suck absolutely! REvil 2 and REvil 3 were primarily Sony releases and had such a great story with lots of potential but ended up falling short of the mark with the overall games. Just have to wait and see what they have in-store for us die-hard REvil gamer’s.

REvil 2 remake is expected to be released on Xbox One, PS4 consoles and also on PC systems when it does finally get released.