Pokemon Go is the Most Used Smartphone Gaming App

A report that has been released by OFCOM states that Pokemon Go is the most popular gaming app for smartphones in the UK market. The data was collected between September and December 2016 and it shows that the app was opened an average of 4.82 times a day by its users. The people who took part in the research were found to have opened the app 58,423 times. People aged 25-34 had the highest reach of Pokemon Go, probably because they remembered Pokemon the first time around. Usually, the 18-24 demographic is the age group most likely to have used a mobile game.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that plays on the nostalgia of the old Pokemon games. It is free and relies on locations for users to collect balls and visit locations of interest to the game. Its popularity has dwindled a little since its release but it is clearly still a highly popular game.