Play Expo Event Manchester: Coming soon

Manchester’s biggest video gaming expo is coming on October 8 – 9th 2016.

There will be a range of different exhibitions, tournaments, great features and a mountain of gaming mischief. It’s the perfect event for next-gen gamer’s and retro gamer’s alike; there is something for all gamer’s.

At the event there will be pinball, arcades, e-sports, retro tournaments and even Minecraft for those enthusiasts who love the game and can’t get enough of it.

You can even meet the indie developers, and talk about your favourite indie games, or ideas you may have.

If you want to challenge friends to see who is the calmest in the worst of situations, you can try out breakout, the live escape room. You, your family, friends, or work mates will be locked in a room together where you have to solve the mysteries of the room in order to escape.

Don’t forget Cosplay; dress up in your favourite cosplay outfit, and join fellow gamer’s and enthusiasts at the event.