Lumo The Isometric, Arcade Adventure Game

Lumo is an Isometric Arcade Adventure game that throws the rule book out of the window with what to expect with a game. Therefore it looks like we are going to go back into a time warp with Lumo, way back to the day’s of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and others of their day from 80’s and the 90’s, with varied styles of gaming but with a modern take and better graphics.

You play the part of a young wizard, lost in the depths of a mysterious castle that’s sort of like a museum, as well as being one big death trap. As you can imagine various parts of the game will be all too familiar and bring back fond memories of games we loved and once played.

The game is basically about finding secrets and solving puzzles across over 500 different rooms (with fond and happy memories), so whatever the player decides to do they have the flexibility to do it within the confines of the game.