Kirby Star Allies and Co-Op Gaming

Co-op gaming might sound a bit unusual, and that’s because it is. Big game companies want to sell in volume, and that means making games that are generally single player or can be played with other players online. That’s why this new title for Nintendo is rather unusual – it is designed as a multi-player game, but the players are within the same room.

The game is called Kirby Star Allies, and it relies on you working together with your friends to produce the best results you can. Everything about it is wonderfully old-fashioned in its feel and execution. It looks something like an arcade game from the 90s, drawing on the nostalgia angle for players.

The aim of the game is to collect up bonuses like hearts, which combine with other items to give you rewards and get you further along in the game. You will also need to beat computer baddies along with your friends.