GameFront shutting Down Servers April 30th!

It’s a sad time for classic and current PC gaming modders who have used GameFront (and it’s many names) repositories over the past 17 years to back up mods, demos, patches, tools, maps, skins, and add-ons for PC games dating back to the mid-’90s, as well as mods and patches for older games where the publishers have long since faded away over time, and are otherwise impossible to get anywhere else.

Users of the repository will have until 30th of April to backup their files on alternative hosted servers, or their files will become inaccessible after. Alternative hosting companies like Mod DB have united with GameFront to help preserve and maintain user files during the transition, and it’s a good idea for users to back up and share GameFront-hosted files with them now to move forward.

GameFront started as FileLeech way back in 1999, renaming to FileFront in 2001 before being purchased by the Ziff Davis media conglomerate in 2005; Ziff Davis declared bankruptcy in 1999 and the site was in danger of closing back then, but was the data backups and databases were salvaged by Derek Labian and others who breathed new life into the dying company.

There are no happy endings this time around and it looks like time has just ran out, and GameFront has just it’s ran it’s course.