Elite Systems Recreation of The Speccy!

Thanks to Elite Systems, who recreated the ZX Spectrum last year in September the Speccy made a come back, but nobody has written about it here yet. So it’s time to give the new Speccy a well deserved mention.

The recreated Speccy features an appealing new format and design, with a modern twist. With the modern twist you don’t need to be limited by the problems of the past and restricted by the technology of today with old obsolete and incompatible technology from aeons ago.

With the recreated version there is smart technology that allows the new Speccy to pair up with any screen via a Bluetooth connection, or via USB.

The Keyboard features rubber keys and the design is virtually identical to the original so you can have the authentic look and feel of the classic Speccy and fall in love with the games you used to play all over again. Also the Speccy keyboard can be used to type up an email, or a document, thanks to it’s versatility.

Speccy lovers will love this new twist, where classic games can be downloaded via an app; these games will be regularly updated, and the versatility  of the Speccy means that anybody can create new games and release them online where they will be available to download.

The recreated the ZX Spectrum was Released in September 2015 for £99, but the consoles may be cheaper now, and you may even be able to get used ones for a small price.