Grab a bargain Christmas console or game deal

If you are looking to buy a gaming console or a game for a loved one this Christmas then it really does pay to shop around to find the best price. You may be shocked to find the same game or console package in another store for a substantially less amount. The new Battlefield 5 […]

Resident Evil 2 Digitally Remastered

REvil 2 is being digitally remastered and there should be a teaser released for the game in January 2017, so we should get yo know more about what’s in-store for us REvil gamer’s. For now it’s hard to know what to expect, they have not really released much yet, other than a few choice images that […]

Play Expo Event Manchester: Coming soon

Manchester’s biggest video gaming expo is coming on October 8 – 9th 2016. There will be a range of different exhibitions, tournaments, great features and a mountain of gaming mischief. It’s the perfect event for next-gen gamer’s and retro gamer’s alike; there is something for all gamer’s. At the event there will be pinball, arcades, e-sports, retro tournaments and even Minecraft for […]

GameFront shutting Down Servers April 30th!

It’s a sad time for classic and current PC gaming modders who have used GameFront (and it’s many names) repositories over the past 17 years to back up mods, demos, patches, tools, maps, skins, and add-ons for PC games dating back to the mid-’90s, as well as mods and patches for older games where the publishers have […]