What type of genre do you like?

If you like gaming then you probably know what type of games you like. There is a wide choice of genres when it comes to the gaming world, and although some people say they do not like playing games on a console, there is often something for everyone. If you like games that challenge your […]

Pre-Order State of Decay 2 Now

State of Decay 2 is now available to pre-order from all major game retailers. It is due for release in the next few days and will be available for Windows and Xbox One. It will be available to Xbox Game Pass customers to play on its release. The game itself has caused some disagreement amongst […]

Kirby Star Allies and Co-Op Gaming

Co-op gaming might sound a bit unusual, and that’s because it is. Big game companies want to sell in volume, and that means making games that are generally single player or can be played with other players online. That’s why this new title for Nintendo is rather unusual – it is designed as a multi-player […]

Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package

You might be thinking ‘isn’t there already a Dead Rising 4’? You’d be correct – it was released last year for Windows and Xbox One, but it never really took off. Now it’s available for PS4 and it has some additional bonus features for players. It’s an appropriate game for Christmas – although not in […]

Has Mario + Rabbids Been a Success?

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was a bit daring. Many people find Ubisoft’s Rabbids a little bit irritating in all honesty, and people weren’t sure how it would go down. However, it seems that the combination is working pretty well and critics are coming back with some positive comments. The game features all the usual […]

Pokemon Go is the Most Used Smartphone Gaming App

A report that has been released by OFCOM states that Pokemon Go is the most popular gaming app for smartphones in the UK market. The data was collected between September and December 2016 and it shows that the app was opened an average of 4.82 times a day by its users. The people who took […]

Resident Evil 2 Digitally Remastered

REvil 2 is being digitally remastered and there should be a teaser released for the game in January 2017, so we should get yo know more about what’s in-store for us REvil gamer’s. For now it’s hard to know what to expect, they have¬†not really released much yet, other than a few choice images that […]

Where to Find Retro Consoles & Games in London

If your a die hard fan of the classic games and grew up with the Sega and Atari Legends such as Donkey Kong and Sonic, as well as other well loved game classics then you probably have a nice collection of games and consoles. But if you have been looking for classic¬†consoles and games to […]