SNES Classic – Can you Get it in Time for Christmas?

The SNES Classic edition is becoming a little bit tricky to get hold of. If you want one in time for Christmas, you could have a difficult task on your hands. There have been rumours that Nintendo just isn’t keeping up with demand, so it’s going to be even harder than getting hold of the […]

Elite Systems Recreation of The Speccy!

Thanks to Elite Systems, who recreated the ZX Spectrum last year in September the Speccy made a come back, but nobody has written about it here yet. So it’s time to give the new Speccy a well deserved mention. The recreated Speccy features an appealing new format and design, with a modern twist. With the modern twist you […]

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Plus Console

Fans of the Speccy who love handhelds will be excited to hear about the Sinclair Spectrum Vega+ Console campaign that is being run on Indegogo. The idea is to bring back the loved games of the Speccy on a handheld device through crowdfunding. The good news is that the target has been met and the consoles […]