Resident Evil 2 Digitally Remastered

REvil 2 is being digitally remastered and there should be a teaser released for the game in January 2017, so we should get yo know more about what’s in-store for us REvil gamer’s. For now it’s hard to know what to expect, they have not really released much yet, other than a few choice images that […]

Where to Find Retro Consoles & Games in London

If your a die hard fan of the classic games and grew up with the Sega and Atari Legends such as Donkey Kong and Sonic, as well as other well loved game classics then you probably have a nice collection of games and consoles. But if you have been looking for classic consoles and games to […]

Elite Systems Recreation of The Speccy!

Thanks to Elite Systems, who recreated the ZX Spectrum last year in September the Speccy made a come back, but nobody has written about it here yet. So it’s time to give the new Speccy a well deserved mention. The recreated Speccy features an appealing new format and design, with a modern twist. With the modern twist you […]

Play Expo Event Manchester: Coming soon

Manchester’s biggest video gaming expo is coming on October 8 – 9th 2016. There will be a range of different exhibitions, tournaments, great features and a mountain of gaming mischief. It’s the perfect event for next-gen gamer’s and retro gamer’s alike; there is something for all gamer’s. At the event there will be pinball, arcades, e-sports, retro tournaments and even Minecraft for […]

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Plus Console

Fans of the Speccy who love handhelds will be excited to hear about the Sinclair Spectrum Vega+ Console campaign that is being run on Indegogo. The idea is to bring back the loved games of the Speccy on a handheld device through crowdfunding. The good news is that the target has been met and the consoles […]

Lumo The Isometric, Arcade Adventure Game

Lumo is an Isometric Arcade Adventure game that throws the rule book out of the window with what to expect with a game. Therefore it looks like we are going to go back into a time warp with Lumo, way back to the day’s of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and others of their day from 80’s […]

Downwell 2D Adventure Game on Steam

Ok Downwell on the surface it does not look all that great visually, with its 2D retro-inspired 8-bit style of graphics. But wait hear me out, it’s a actually a mix of both retro and modern gaming beautifully amalgamated to create a truly unique game that has a procedurally generated environment that goes on and […]

GameFront shutting Down Servers April 30th!

It’s a sad time for classic and current PC gaming modders who have used GameFront (and it’s many names) repositories over the past 17 years to back up mods, demos, patches, tools, maps, skins, and add-ons for PC games dating back to the mid-’90s, as well as mods and patches for older games where the publishers have […]